How To Redeem

It really is a simple, easy process.

1. At the top of the page click “Redeem Voucher”. This then takes you to our Hotel Search page. Simply search online by town/city along with your arrival dates, for the hotel you require on the dates you want. We have up to 150,000 hotels worldwide for you to choose from!

2. Once the search results come back, find the hotel you wish to book, then click on the “Book” button next to the hotel of your choice.

3. Enter your Title, First and Last Name, then click the tick box next to “Pay with HotelVoucherShop Vouchers”.

4. You will see a redemption box appear in which you need to put in your voucher number and the amount you wish to redeem.

Remember: you are not required to use your vouchers total amount in one visit. The amount left over is saved on the voucher and you can use it as many times as you like until the voucher amount reaches 0 or the expiry date on your voucher passes. The expiry date is a year after the date the voucher was purchased and does not renew on the date you redeem the voucher.

5. Once you have put in your voucher number and redemption amount hit Submit. You should then be taken to our payment portal which will ask you to pay any remaining balance on the total amount after redeeming your selected amount with your voucher.

If you do have an amount left on the voucher you use the same voucher number to redeem the voucher until the amount on the voucher reaches 0.

The expiry date on the voucher is a year from the date of purchase.

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