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An Introduction to HotelVoucherShop

HotelVoucherShop is the world's leading hotel gift voucher provider. With over 70,000 worldwide hotels available to redeem your voucher against! Our vouchers are a fantastic gift or present for any occasion. Our online ordering system makes it easy to send a voucher, either a physical voucher by post, or an e-voucher by email. The recipient can redeem their voucher using our online hotel booking system.

The HotelVoucherShop Affiliate Programme provides an excellent opportunity for all website owners to gain an extra revenue for their website.

Our programme is very rewarding with very achieveable incentives!

Our general programme offers a minumum of 10% commission, which can also increase to 13% dependant on a very achieveable sales target set by ourselves. We pride ourselves in being able to offer such a high % commission for the market!

How to Join and start Promoting:

You can sign up to our Affiliate Programme even if you have not done affiliate schemes before, or if you don't have an Affiliate Future account. Simply click the link below and join Affiliate Future for FREE:

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If you are already a member of Affiliate Future, simply join the general programme below, or for those of you willing to take a commission cut, we can offer exclusive voucher codes for your consumers giving you the edge when it comes to sales.

General HotelVoucherShop Programme: Click Here

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Additional Resources

We can also provide you with our extensive hotel list with deeplinks, exclusive voucher codes and product feeds. Our Affiliate Manager is in house and never too far away to answer any queries or produce you materials to help your advertising needs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Affiliate Manager at